Israel’s restrictions led to death of 15 patients in Gaza

A Palestinian human rights organisation said the Israeli authorities’ violations have led to the death of 15 Palestinian patients in the besieged Gaza Strip since the beginning of the year.

Three children were amongst the victims, Al-Mezan Centre for Human Rights said in a statement on Tuesday, while the Israeli occupation forces also arrested two patients and three relatives.

The organisation explained that restrictions on the freedom of movement, especially patients’ movement, deprive many of their right to access medical care in hospitals, which led to the worsening of their conditions and left them at death’s door.

It called for urgent action to ensure respect for the rules of international humanitarian law and to stop the Israeli violations against Palestinian patients and enable them to reach hospitals and receive treatment.

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Image of a Gazan boy walking with his younger sibling through their poverty stricken neighbourhood in Gaza on 4 September 2013 [Ezz Zanoon/Apaimages]

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